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School Pictures

Talent Agency/Auditions

At LA Stage School we constantly are on the lookout for audition opportunities for everyone at NO extra cost this is included in your monthly fees. We look for auditions for TV, Film, and Theatre etc even if students are cast we do NOT take an agency percentage of any monies gained from work.


Recent auditions and Castings have included;


We had Hayley O'Hara aged just 5yrs cast as the face of an Aldi commercial she had thousands of hits on you tube it was a huge success and she then went on to be placed in the top 5 of ITV's TV Ad of the year!!!!

Check out Hayley in action.....

Aldi Dishwasher Tablets Advert

It is not necessary for students to audition if they are not comfortable but we do encourage it as it is a huge experience for everyone and an amazing learning experience.