School Pictures

School Pictures


Early Stages

£8 per day or £32 per month

Stage 1, 2, 3, Main School

£15 per day or £60 per month

Siblings Discount

Any children with sisters or brothers get special discount

£11 per day or £44 per month

There are no discounts for early stages but if you have a child in early stages and a child in the main school stage 1, 2, 3 the child in the main school will still receive the special discounted price.

Please note classes must be paid for the month on the first Saturday failure to do so will result in no entry for the child until balance has been paid. Monthly class prices are based on a 4 Saturday month, there may be more Saturdays in the calendar which will result in a higher monthly payment. At LA Stage School we try to keep prices to a minimum and will not charge parents for costumes etc for school performances/shows which is a great help to parents as we understand most children have more than 1 hobby. We also act as an agent for the students finding them auditions for TV, theatre, film etc and we do not charge any agency fees at all or take any percentage if the students get cast which most other schools do.