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What We Offer

Dancing    Singing    Acting

Early Stages

3 to 5 years

Classes run for 1hr 30mins split into 3/30min sessions of dancing, singing and acting. Children are taught the basics of all 3 subjects and how to develop them, giving the students core skills as a stepping stone to Stage 1 Main School. All aspects of performing will be taught and throughout the year the children will have opportunities to be part of school shows.

Main School

  Stage 1 6 to 8 years

   Stage 2 9 to 11 years

Stage 3 12 years +

Classes run for 3hrs split into 3/1hr sessions of dancing, singing and acting. Children will be highly trained in all styles of dance and technique needed for performing, including improvisation sessions and choreography, similarly drama instruction will give the students a whole new level of confidence. In singing classes the students will be trained to use their voices to the best of their abilities in all styles of music from Musical Theatre to Pop. There will be opportunities for the children to perform in school shows throughout the year and we encourage and help with any up and coming auditions out with the school.

Discounts for stage school pupils are available.